[tz] Moving more zones to 'backzone'

Clive D.W. Feather clive at davros.org
Wed Aug 17 17:39:27 UTC 2022

Robert Elz said:
>   | It's the largest town in Kernow.
> As I assume you expected, that doesn't help a lot  (that is, not at all)!

It's my point.

Kernow is the Cornish name for Cornwall, another part of the UK that has an
independence movement.

>   | So if I can get a group the rest of my street to agree that I have set the
>   | time they use (even if it follows the same rules as the rest of the UK),
>   | then I can have my own time zone?

Sorry, bad editing. That should have just said "So if I can get the rest of
my street to agree ...".

> If your group has the authority to do that, then yes.

But define "authority". My authority starts and ends when people accept
what I say.

> That's why my
> version of the guidelines (which would still need more precision) specify
> having the authority, or having actually set a timezone.

Chicken and egg. If I set a timezone, just as how you suggested, then do I
get my own zone name?

> That's why I gave different results for Glasgow and Cardiff - my assumption
> (which might be wrong, certainly) is that the Scottish parliament has the
> power to set time, I'm not even sure Wales has an equivalent body, and if
> it has, my guess is that it is able to do much less (Wales has been
> subservient to England for far longer than Scotland has, I believe).

Wales has an Assembly which has less powers than Scotland. Neither, I
think, has time zones in its official remit.

>   | What stops any state in the US legislating that their time is the same as
>   | the time set by Congress and then claiming a new zone? Or any county (for
>   | those states that have them)?
> I don't know enough about the US political situation to judge.   But 45
> new zones (or whatever it ends up being) most of which would be identical
> to one of the existing 5 or 6 (however many there are) would not be all
> that bad.

What about counties? There are apparently 3006 counties and 137 county
equivalents. How do you fancy 3143 new zones?

> In Australia time is ruled by the
> states (and territories) and people expect each to be its own timezone.

Is Eucla a state or a territory? What authority did it have?

> In Thailand, the thought that anyone can define the time is probably
> not something people consider, but certainly only the national govt
> would have that ability, not the Changwat (states) or smaller divisions.

What about China? What authority was Asia/Urumqi created under? Or is it
just common usage?

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