[tz] winter & Summer time in the State Of Palestine

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Tue Aug 30 19:13:24 UTC 2022

Thanks for the information. It is good to have predictions for several 
years in advance, as it can take some time for this information to 
propagate to cell phones and computers. The attached proposed patch 
predicts similar transitions after the year 2026, as that seems more 
likely than no transitions.

Although the announcement doesn't say how transition dates are 
calculated, the dates through 2026 are consistent with Palestine 
springing forward at 02:00 on the first Saturday on or after March 24, 
and falling back on the first Saturday on or after October 24. If this 
is not the intended rule please let us know, since our software is 
rule-based for predictability.

As Tim mentioned, it'd also be good to have a URL referring to a public 
announcement of the change. In the meantime the attached proposed patch 
refers to an archived copy of the decision of the Council of Ministers 
that you emailed to us.

It looks like we'll need a new tzdb release in the not-too-distant 
future, since the current release is wrong for Palestinian timestamps 
for about one day on October 28.
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