[tz] Maryland permanent DST

Arthur David Olson arthurdavidolson at gmail.com
Fri Feb 18 03:09:05 UTC 2022

A permanent-DST bill has been approved by the Maryland House of Delegates
on a third-and-final 108-24 vote; it now goes to the state senate.

Text of the bill is available at...
…and status of the bill at...

There are contigencies:

(1) enacting of a similar act by Delaware, the District of Columbia,
Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia; and
(2) 15 U.S.C. § 260a being amended to allow the states or a state,
individually, to observe a year–round standard time that is consistent with
Eastern Daylight Time

Alas, if the contingencies are met there may be short lead time before a
Section 1 of this Act shall take effect on the earlier of the second Sunday
of March or the first Sunday of November
after the [contigencies have been met]…

Alas further, the senate (unlike the house) has returned to in-person
hearings; written communications can be sent.

One suggestion I’ve thought of making is to change “the earlier of” to “the
later of” for kick-in; that would buy at least a few guaranteed months of
lead time. I’d welcome any better suggestions; I’d also welcome any
Marylander with more political weight than I have (read: anyone) to weigh

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