[tz] On simultaneously experiencing daylight

Tim Parenti tim at timtimeonline.com
Fri Jul 8 18:53:25 UTC 2022

A friend shared an article investigating a recent claim on Reddit that
earlier today, 8 July 2022, at 11:15 UTC, "99% of the world’s population"
would simultaneously find themselves between dawn and dusk.  This claim was
soon popularized into a related claim that a similar percentage would
"experience daylight" at that time.


Spoiler: The original claim of 99% holds only if you use the most
*technical* definition of twilight — including civil, nautical, and
astronomical.  In practice, most folks living in areas falling into the
latter categories would perceive nighttime.  But, as the article goes on to
explore, however you slice it, it's still an impressive percentage of the
global population "experiencing daylight" by any definition.

Tim Parenti
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