[tz] Commentary-only releases - let's not (was: Re: Please Don't Feed the Trolls (was Kyiv not Kiev))

Petro Ord petro.ordyn at gmail.com
Sat Jul 2 16:40:34 UTC 2022

Of course you can block me as well as delete all requests to correct
KyivNotKiev errors.
Because when tz coordinators say they want to support real timezone
preferences of citizens, I think, they prioritize rusian citizens’

> I forgot that, and added to the list. I should have just replied to you privately.
This reply from Paul Eggert means that he has tons of such requests
but does not care about the inconvenience of users. I don’t know for
all users, but, for sure, not for Ukrainians, unlike rusians, whose
requests are completed within few days.

сб, 2 июл. 2022 г. в 17:26, Jacob Pratt via tz <tz at iana.org>:
> Can we block him from the list? Personal attacks are repulsive and should not be allowed, let alone repeatedly.
> Jacob Pratt
> On Sat, Jul 2, 2022, 05:47 Petro Ord via tz <tz at iana.org> wrote:
>> > Obviously, future changes would be applied on top of existing changes in
>> > the development version.
>> Unless rusia issues some other nonsense news like it was in 2014. I
>> assume there were some rules for Ukraine but since russia had decided
>> otherwise, tz database coordinators made changes in favor of russia,
>> despite the fact that most residents of Crimea didn't use the time
>> zone database set to Moscow time, didn't open stores as per Moscow
>> time etc.
>> KyivNotKiev error was mentioned many times for several years, but it
>> is not the russian news, so that error was not worth considering.
>> There was a chance to correct the error in spring this year, but as
>> per russian news Kyiv should have been captured in 2 days, so, again,
>> there was no need to consider the error.
>> Therefore, prompt change in Crimea in 2014 and persistent KyivNotKiev
>> error are done for political reason in favor of terrorist country -
>> russia
>> сб, 2 июл. 2022 г. в 12:10, Ian Abbott <abbotti at mev.co.uk>:
>> >
>> > On 01/07/2022 21:16, Petro Ord wrote:
>> > >> Do you mean there are future timezone changes to Europe/Kyiv
>> > > If it had been in the tz database I would type it as such.
>> >
>> > Obviously, future changes would be applied on top of existing changes in
>> > the development version.
>> >
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