[tz] Timezone error (Kyiv not Kiev)

Doug Ewell doug at ewellic.org
Tue Jul 5 21:31:19 UTC 2022

Petro Ord wrote:

>> More recently, there is also the common appeal that this change
>> should be made not on the basis of “mainstream English spelling,”
> Neither Kyiv nor Kiev is an English spelling word, it is a Roman-
> letter (Latin) spelling word.

“Mainstream English spelling” refers to how a word is typically spelled in English-language contexts. It does not imply that every word within that context must be a native English word.

> And keeping Kiev instead of Kyiv is your way of saying that we do not
> consider you as a country.
> [...]
> Considering it as a protest is your way to dissociate yourself from
> reality.

It is neither of those, and you are far out of line for making these baseless accusations about my intent or that of anyone else on this list.

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