[tz] Timezone error (Kyiv not Kiev)

Guy Harris gharris at sonic.net
Tue Jul 5 22:32:34 UTC 2022

On Jul 5, 2022, at 3:09 PM, Stephen Trainor (Crookneck) via tz <tz at iana.org> wrote:

> And given that TZ IDs conspicuously pass the "duck test” it’s hardly surprising to see them making public appearances. They appear perfectly suited to show in a UI

I don't live in Los Angeles.  A UI that offers me only a choice of "Los Angeles" is inferior to one that allows me to specify where I live - which is *not* a location that would need its own tzdb region.

And the UIs on my laptop and on my phone allow me to specify my location using the name of the city where I live.  (They're not perfect, as they don't acknowledge the existence of Weed, CA, at least as of the OS release running on them.)

(Then again, what I have on both of them are OSes with code that keeps track of where the machine is located and, based on that, automatically determines the appropriate tzdb region and, if the appropriate region doesn't match the current setting, changes the current setting.  And, yes, it changes it out from under running programs.  And, yes, that includes programs using APIs such as localtime() and mtkime().  And, yes, the OS on the laptop, at least, is a Single-UNIX-Specification-certified Unix.)

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