[tz] Moving more zones to 'backzone'

Robert Elz kre at munnari.OZ.AU
Fri Jul 8 20:14:16 UTC 2022

NetBSD will continue using Stephen Colebourne's fork - the last
"official" release we used was 2021a - before that I simply made
the changes that matter to what was 2021a to compensate for changes
to zones that correctly affected timestamps, and ignored all the
rubbish that was discarding pre-1970 data.   Stephen's script and
distribution of the results makes that simpler.  We will continue
using that as long as it is available, and needed, and if the former
ceases while the need remains, we'll go back to managing ourselves.

While some of the pre 1970 data might not be as accurate as we'd
like, most of it is more accurate than having no data at all for
the zone, or worse, pretending some other zone's data applies.

If the intent was to truly stop caring about anything pre 1970, then
you'd remove all of the pre 1970 data from all zones, and make localtime()
error out when given a time that produces tm_year < 1970.   That would at
least be correct (in some sense), if not very useful.

If the real reason for this is the workload of dealing with more zones,
then simply acquire more helpers - they don't need to be delegated
authority to make changes at will, but could easily help with editing
changes that you want to make, and making sure that all the zones that
should be updated, get updated - it doesn't need to be entirely a 2 man
show (and not only would that reduce your workload, it would help train
future potential co-ordinators).

An enhanced zic (or wholly redesigned) input format, or a pre-processor
(though ideally not that) to assist would be a good idea - and if you have
someone (or several) helping with the routine (more than just Tim) then
maybe you'd have the time to make that happen - that must be more
interesting than just editing zone files.

The first thing any such helpers should do is to restore all the zones
that have been (effectively) removed (shunted into backzone) and make
sure that any updates that should have been applied to them are applied.

On the other hand, if this is all the "equity" nonsense, then the merges
should simply be reversed - all the way back to when they started.
I have seen here no arguments at all that justify any merges, not even
close.   If there are "hidden pressures" those really should be ignored
unless those applying that pressure make a case here, in public, for their
concerns, that we can agree or disagree with.   If you're unable, for
whatever reason, to resist something like that - to do nothing unless the
change is agreed here, then you really should resign, and allow someone
else to take over.


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