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>   | It's just a myth that the IANA tz identifiers are internal data
>   | invisible to users.  Real systems do not work this way.
> android seems to, I have never seen a TZ string of any kind in normal
> use of any of my android devices - yet I know it is in there, in some
> form, somewhere.

(off-topic from ubuntu's ui problems at this point, but...)

yeah, Android uses a system property to communicate system-wide timezone
changes. in libc, where tzcode checks the environment variable, we check
the system property.

annoyingly we _also_ check the environment variable, which is useful for
command-line stuff (where it's a workaround for the lack of functions in
POSIX that take an explicit timezone). this shows up in profiles even; if
you profile the logcat command which takes a bunch of timestamps and
formats them, it spends a depressing amount of time in getenv(). the system
properties stuff is cheap to ask "has it changed?" after your first lookup.
theoretically i could make the environment functions try to keep track of
changes, but putenv() breaks that. (environ is no great help either.) i
guess i could look for putenv() with "TZ=" and have another "all bets are
off" flag, but, well, i've never been quite annoyed enough by logcat's
performance issues to try to go there.

> The real issue is developer laziness / lack of time, combined with the
> fact that (even on systems that don't attempt to hide that tzdb timesone
> identifier) users almost never see it, it tends to get used once when
> the system is installed, then ignored forever after.   That tends to make
> it a low priority for many systems to provide a better solution.
> kre
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