[tz] Historical data for Iran

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Thu Jun 2 22:45:42 UTC 2022

Michael H Deckers wrote in
 <6dfd80b9-b132-a33b-aee3-8f7181a44efe at googlemail.com>:
 |    What really can be stated on the basis
 |    of the referenced document is that
 |       On 1935-06-13, UT + 03:30 was already
 |       in use as Tehran time, so that the
 |       switch from LMT to UT + 03:30 cannot
 |       have occurred as late as 1946 (as
 |       specified by Shanks & Pottenger).

Iran was divided and well occupied by England and the Soviet Union
under yes support of the USA from 1941 until de-facto 1946, as far
as i know.  The government tried and pulled all possible triggers
to gain back a bit of sovereignity, including the Sha resigning in
favour of his son.
What i mean is that the time span from 1941 to 1946 is of
a fragile sort.  Maybe this is what drove _this_ 1946 here.

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