[tz] Change Turkey to Turkiye or not?

Doug Ewell doug at ewellic.org
Mon Jun 6 17:00:08 UTC 2022

柳芯宇 wrote:

> In some of the tz files, I found several mentions of "Turkey", this
> could be confusing since in my dictionaries, Turkey points to a food
> made by chicken, rather than a country.

I checked with a few turkeys (the bird) and they objected loudly to the notion that they are actually chickens.

All joking aside:

1. The country has been known in English as "Turkey" for centuries, and although this has certainly given rise to some jokes, no one is genuinely confused when the word is used in context.

2. The identifier in the tz database which has by far the greatest visibility and relevance to users is "Europe/Istanbul", which avoids the issue altogether.

3. The rule name "Turkey" is comparatively invisible to most users, and there does not seem to be any mechanism for changing rule names, as there is for zone identifiers.

4. Any other mentions, such as in comments, can be changed freely, but there seems little point in doing so, at least at this time.

> As recently UN and NATO suggests, I think it would be better and more
> representative to use Turkiye instead of Turkey, as we shound't setup
> times for just foods, right?

"Turkiye" is not the name of the country in any language; the Turkish name is spelled "Türkiye" with diaeresis.

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