[tz] Europe/Kiev update for 1992-1995

Robert Elz kre at munnari.OZ.AU
Fri Jun 24 15:34:18 UTC 2022

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Read your own words:

  | Unfortunately, numbers and data speaks for itself:
  | "... and 5 days before announced time shift"

The results of conversions were going to be incorrect.   Whether
you like that it happened or not is irrelevant.   It happened.

  | in comparison: my request for Kyiv since Jan 2022 - nothing done till this
  | day

Once again, the change has been made, just not in a release yet.  There
hasn't been any need for a new release, no timezones have changed.

New releases are costly for lots of organisations, they're only made
when they are actually needed.

  | I kindly ask you to correct the error as quickly as possible

It isn't, and never was, an "error" - the English spelling of the
capitol of Ukraine was Kiev, for a long long time.  Note that is not
a transliteration of anything, from any language, it was simply what
the English speaking world called that city.  That seems to have altered
now (perhaps for the wrong reasons, but never mind, it seems it has.)

But that name is merely a cosmetic issue, it affects nothing that
matters, except your vanity.

Please stop sending messages about this, or some of us will start
requesting that the change be reversed (never released) just as a
way of annoying you as much as you're annoying everyone here.


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