[tz] Kyiv not Kiev

Petro Ord petro.ordyn at gmail.com
Mon Jun 27 15:45:26 UTC 2022

I have checked past discussions and all the answers are about Kyiv not
being a common English word.
If people are still writing to you about the same error it means your
statement about "Kyiv is NOT a common word" is wrong.
Pertinent is the number of such requests, and this number is unknown. Even
when I wrote mine, I saw another one has submitted the same, which only
states that it is not just a typo, it's a bug.

пн, 27 июн. 2022 г. в 18:33, Kim Davies <kim.davies at iana.org>:

> Quoting Petro Ord via tz on Monday June 27, 2022:
> > OK
> > Why didn't you add my request to the messages list?
> > There is only your reply without my request. (
> > https://mm.icann.org/pipermail/tz/2022-June/subject.html)
> When non-subscribers submit emails to the list, it goes into a
> moderation queue that the IANA team reviews, usually once a day. This is
> normal for public discussion lists, and is predominantly to filter out a
> significant number of spam messages attempted to be sent to this list.
> With that said, many of the recent submissions pertain to the same
> issues on the naming of Kyiv that have already been exhaustively
> discussed on this list in the past. If there are new submissions on the
> topic that don’t bring pertinent new information to the discussions,
> we plan not to let them through for now.
> kim
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