[tz] Changes to timezone names

Ростислав Салабай rostyc.salabay at gmail.com
Thu May 12 07:59:06 UTC 2022

Good morning! Since Kyiv became an official spelling of the capital of
Ukraine, few years have passed. And people more and more use the new
spelling, instead of Kiev. That includes large and small news sites, posts
of politicians and most social media feeds (seeing Kiev right now is much
more rare than Kyiv). Even Wikipedia and Oxford English Dictionary have
changed their spellings to Kyiv too, and large companies like Apple follow
along. And actually, using Kiev causes more inconvenience for some people
than Kyiv, in things that use tz database, as many are unable to find the
right timezone (and this isn't something made up, I've seen lots of
complains in forums and GitHub issue requests that Kyiv is missing or
spelled wrong). Also, the outgoing war in Ukraine has sped up that process
of switching Ukraine to Ukrainian-based things, and not Russian ones. So,
in my opinion, it's the perfect time to finally ditch Kiev for good, and
start using Kyiv (and so the Europe/Kyiv timezone) as the only name for
that beautiful city.

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