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Nick Deguillaume nickledeg at gmail.com
Fri May 13 08:55:23 UTC 2022


I am currently developing a C++ time-zone database parser, building on top
of Howard Hinnant's work. I am writing thorough checks.

One Zone check that I am experimenting with is:

*If the FORMAT field contains either a "%s" or a '/' then the RULES field
must contain a named rule.*

However line 3840 of the asia file in:
fails this check, as highlighted in yellow in the table below.

# Tajikistan
# From Shanks & Pottenger.
Zone Asia/Dushanbe 04:35:12 - LMT 1924 May  2
    5:00 - +05 1930 Jun 21
    6:00 RussiaAsia +06/+07 1991 Mar 31  2:00s
    5:00 1:00 +05/+06 1991 Sep  9  2:00s
    05:00 - +05
My guess is that '+05/+06' should be '+05'.
I may well be wrong. Could you let me know either way?

If you are interested, I have found a few other bits and pieces where the
data files are in slight variance with the documentation but are not
Most of these occur in the very early releases. (I am testing every
database available on https://data.iana.org/time-zones/releases/)


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