[tz] Change some timezone names

Adam Sampson ats at offog.org
Thu May 26 13:02:15 UTC 2022

gusak ivanov via tz <tz at iana.org> writes:

> Can other Ukrainian timezones get the same treatment, and so get
> Europe/Uzhgorod to be changed to Europe/Uzhhorod and Europe/Zaporozhye
> to Europe/Zaporizhzhia?

For what it's worth, the BBC have been using "Zaporizhzhia" consistently
and frequently in their reporting on the region since 4th March. The
last use of "Zaporozhye" on their web site that isn't reported speech
from someone else is from 2004.

Uzhhorod hasn't been in the news as much, but all but one of the BBC's
2022 stories spell it "Uzhhorod" -- the one "Uzhgorod" outlier is in
passing in a story from BBC Sports Africa.

Channel 4 News (in the UK) has a much smaller archive than the BBC, but
I can only find examples of "Zaporizhzhia" and "Uzhhorod" there -- no
stories use the older spellings.

Euronews is much the same -- lots of instances of "Zaporizhzhia", none
of "Zaporozhye"; several of "Uzhhorod", only two of "Uzhgorod".

Deutsche Welle's English-language reporting is also the same -- lots of
stories using "Zaporizhzhia", one that uses both in reported speech, and
one that uses only "Zaporozhye". "Uzhhorod" is used in stories since
2014, with a few instances of "Uzhgorod" before that.

So I'd say that, for UK media, the story with these two names seems
pretty clear (even prior to 2022) and it would be worth making this
change for consistency with Kyiv.


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