[tz] New law about Time and Time zones in Greenland

Jürgen Appel jap at dfm.dk
Fri Nov 25 09:51:59 UTC 2022

Dear all,

i was made aware that on Thursday, 2022-11-24, a law proposal concerning time 
and time zones for Greenland was voted upon in Greenland Parliament:

Reference (in Danish and Greenlandic):


Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator and annotated:
Inatsisartut (Parliament of Greenland) Act on the Regulation of Time

 § 1. The standard time for Greenland shall be UTC -2.

Clause 2. Naalakkersuisut (the Cabinet of Greenland) may establish rules that 
specified areas shall follow a different
time zone than that determined in paragraph 1.

Clause 3. Naalakkersuisut may establish rules on summer time.

 § 2. This Inatsisartut Act shall enter into force on 25 March 2023 at 22:00.

Clause 2. At the same time, Landstingslov nr. 14 of 19 October 1989 regarding 
the application of summer time is repealed.

Greenland Self-Government, x. xx xxx
The President of Naalakkersuisut

If I understand this correctly, from the next planned switch to summer time, 
Greenland will permanently stay at that time, i.e. no switch back to winter 
time in 2023 will occur.

Whether a switch to a shifted summer time will occur in spring 2024 is not 
completely transparent to me, as in some remarks (https://ina.gl/media/
2554772/pkt17_em2022_tidens_bestemmelse_bet_2beh_da.pdf) it is written that no 
changes in the summer time regulations will be applied, and that this will 
occur only after EU has decided about the same topic.

If some danish native speaker, or better yet someone from Greenland could 
confirm/clarify this, that would be nice. 

Also concerning "specified areas", i.e. today Ittoqqortoormiit (now UTC -1), 
Danmarkshavn (UTC +0), and Pituffik/Thule Air Base (UTC-4), I am unsure 
whether any changes are scheduled or whether the cabinet plans to keep/
reestablish the current rules.

Best regards,
	Jürgen Appel

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