[tz] Bug in 2022f version of zic.c

Tim McBrayer TMcBrayer at ABINITIO.com
Mon Nov 7 14:37:18 UTC 2022


Both patches work as designed on Linux and AIX for me. I have reports that 
our z/OS build has hit the same issue. That one will take some time for 
the fix to percolate through the build system to validate it; I don't have 
easy individual access to z/OS.

Tim McBrayer

From:   "Paul Eggert" <eggert at cs.ucla.edu>
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Date:   11/04/2022 09:25 PM
Subject:        Re: [tz] Bug in 2022f version of zic.c

On 2022-11-04 16:11, Guy Harris via tz wrote:

> In what cases in zic is emalloc() - or erealloc() - called with 0 as the 
size argument?

It's when zic sees a Zone with no continuation lines. I didn't notice 
the bug in testing, since I don't test with AIX. The portability bug was 
triggered by the removal of the Qt bug workaround in tzcode 2022f, which 
when combined with the -bslim option introduced in tzcode 2019b means 
that zic can generate TZif files with no time transitions.

Thanks for reporting the bug, Tim. I installed the first attached patch; 
please give it a try. I think this fixes the only place that might call 
malloc(0) or realloc(p, 0).

It's unfortunate that the C standard allows malloc to return NULL on 
success, as this complicates error checking. Of course zic.c should be 
portable even to platforms that exploit this glitch in C.

> (ecpyalloc() - which should probably be called estrdup() to make it 
clearer that it's "strdup() with quit on out-of-memory"

Good suggestion, thanks. I installed the attached second patch to do that.
[attachment "0001-Port-to-AIX-6.1-malloc.patch" deleted by Tim 
McBrayer/AbInitio] [attachment "0002-Rename-ecpyalloc-to-estrdup.patch" 
deleted by Tim McBrayer/AbInitio] 

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