[tz] Yukon, NWT, and Nunavut (Canada)

Chris Walton crj.walton at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 14:48:28 UTC 2022

Thank you Paul.  I reviewed all your changes.  They look good to me.

On Sun, 6 Nov 2022 at 17:00, Paul Eggert <eggert at cs.ucla.edu> wrote:

> Thanks for all that careful work. I installed the attached patches,
> which implement the changes you suggested, except that they retain
> 2022f's guess that Yukon's 1965-04-22 spring forward was 00:00→02:00
> instead of 02:00→04:00 as the former seems a bit more likely to me
> (admittedly this is just a guess either way).
> Also, I looked for other evidence about Pangnirtung and found a Google
> Books snippet suggesting that EST was used in 1959, so these patches
> move America/Pangnirtung's data to 'backzone' since it appears there's
> no difference from America/Iqaluit since 1970. There is a
> backward-compatibility link as usual.
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