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PS: there is also an English version of the respective WP page


It has an interesting statement:

> Of Colombia's 1,024 municipalities, 1,000 declined to change time 
> zones and took months to come into effect.
the Spanish version in WP makes no sense when it says:

> La medida conocida como "Hora Gaviria 
> <https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/C%C3%A9sar_Gaviria>" comenzó a las 
> 12:00 AM del 2 de mayo <https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/2_de_mayo> de 
> 1992 <https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/1992>. Mil alcaldes municipales de 
> los 1.024 que tenía el país en ese momento se negaron a cambiar a la 
> zona horaria y solo se ajustaron a la medida diez meses después
y solo se ajustaron a la medida diez meses después = and they were only 
fitted to the measure ten months later. because 10 months after may 1992 
we are in March 1993, and by that time the measure had already ended.

But that is of little concern for TZ, as it only wants to know about 
Bogota. The capital was certainly among the few communes who followed 
the law.

It will be hard to research which parts of the country adopted the 1992 
time shift at which point. This being after 1970, TZ should in principle 
represent the division of the country into areas with different time 

On 11.11.22 00:19, Alois Treindl via tz wrote:
> TZ has for Colombia a single period with time zone 4h west.
> # Rule  NAME    FROM    TO      - IN      ON      AT      SAVE    LETTER/S
> Rule    CO      1992    only    -       May      3 0:00    1:00    -
> Rule    CO      1993    only    -       Apr      4 0:00    0       -
> I think the end date 4 April is wrong, it should be 6 February 24h or 
> 7 February 0h
> The time shift was called Hora Gaviria, and caused by  shortage of 
> electricity in connection with El Niño .
> Source: *DECRETO 267 DE 1993
> *
> https://www.suin-juriscol.gov.co/viewDocument.asp?ruta=Decretos/1061335
> *Artículo 1° *Adoptar como hora legal en el territorio de la 
> República, la del Tiempo Universal Coordinado, UTC, disminuido en 
> cinco (5) horas.
> *Artículo 2° *El cambio de hora se hará efectivo a las veinticuatro 
> horas del día 6 de febrero del presente año.
> There is also a newspaper article 
> https://www.eltiempo.com/archivo/documento/MAM-32922
> of 4 feb 1993, but the text is less clear to my limited understanding 
> of Spanish.
> See also 
> https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crisis_energ%C3%A9tica_de_1992_en_Colombia
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