[tz] Country name change from Turkey to Turkiye

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Fri Nov 18 18:19:51 UTC 2022


Doug Ewell via tz <tz at iana.org>, 18 Kas 2022 Cum, 21:18 tarihinde şunu

> Ian Abbott wrote:
> > It also appears in iso3166.tab file (which is read by the tzselect.ksh
> > script), although the comments in the file indicate that the "usual"
> > English name for the country code is used, not the English name from
> > the ISO 3166 tables.
> Changing the name in iso3166.tab seems fair, as those names are
> informative and intended for human readers, not as identifiers which need
> to maintain a degree of stability. It wasn't at all clear whether this was
> the reference to "Turkey" that Bin Li was asking to be changed.
> As Ian sort of implied, the set of "usual English names" that appear on a
> list like this is rather highly subjective, and flexible over time.
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