[tz] winter & Summer time in the State Of Palestine

heba.hamad@mtit.gov.ps heba.hamad at mtit.gov.ps
Tue Sep 6 04:44:41 UTC 2022

Dear Sir,
Yes the illustration was be corrected ,and here  the link to enable other members  make sure 
في الاثنين, سبتمبر 05, 2022 12:21 EDT, Paul Eggert <eggert at cs.ucla.edu> كتب:
 On 9/4/22 23:48, heba.hamad at mtit.gov.ps wrote:
>  the text is correct and matches with the cabinet decision  that is attached previously ,so kindly ignore the illustration
>  we will correct the illustration

Thanks, I see the illustration is fixed now, and I installed the
attached. We should see a new release soon,though not today as it's a
holiday in the US.

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