[tz] tz database.

Kim Davies kim.davies at iana.org
Thu Sep 8 21:49:12 UTC 2022


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I hope this helps. I believe the mailman-request at iana.org<mailto:mailman-request at iana.org> method is long deprecated, did you see that in documentation somewhere that we need to update?

Kim Davies
VP, IANA Services, ICANN
President, PTI

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Subject: [tz] tz database.

Hi Paul,

My colleague is having issues subscribing to the TZ database.
He keeps getting a “Forbidden” error message when registering.
And he sent an email to mailman-request at iana.org<mailto:mailman-request at iana.org> and received and undeliverable notice.

bcurl at stopwatchmaps.com<mailto:bcurl at stopwatchmaps.com>

Any advice you could offer?

Kiley Walbom
Lead Cartographer
Geographic Information Systems Dept.
Taxography, INC
6353 N. Rosebury Ave
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314-863-9292 ext. 130
314-925-1751 (Direct)

"A map is the greatest of all epic poems. Its lines and colors show the realization of great dreams."
--Gilbert Grosvenor, Editor, National Geographic, 1903-1954

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Address standardization and tax jurisdiction assignment web services.  Taxography uses county supplied parcel-level data, geographic boundaries, and assessor verified address-level jurisdiction assignments to provide you with the most current, authoritative, and auditable jurisdiction assignments possible.

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