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Seo Sanghyeon sanxiyn at gmail.com
Mon Sep 19 12:36:57 UTC 2022

2022년 9월 19일 (월) 오후 7:22, David via tz <tz at iana.org>님이 작성:
> The city that is listed for the mainland is Guayaquil, with no mention
> of the capital Quito. Guayaquil is the second most populous city in
> Ecuador, but why it is the only city listed is odd.
> It is akin to choosing Marseilles as the only city for France instead of
> Paris.
> Is there any chance of having Quito added?

https://data.iana.org/time-zones/theory.html explains how tz database
chooses timezone identifier. It is "Use the most populous among
locations in a region", so it is not necessarily the capital. If
Marseilles had more population than Paris, Marseilles would have been
chosen. In fact, it is Asia/Shanghai, not Asia/Beijing, for the same

Now, Guayaquil seems to be the second most populous city in Ecuador,
but I think it was more populous than Quito in the past, and even now
their population is similar. Since another rule is "Among locations
with similar populations, pick the best-known location", maybe it was
better to choose Quito, since I think it is better known because it is
the capital.

Alas, yet another rule is "Do not change established names if they
only marginally violate the above guidelines. For example, do not
change the existing name Europe/Rome to Europe/Milan merely because
Milan's population has grown to be somewhat greater than Rome's." I
think it is exactly the case here. For better or worse,
America/Guayaquil is now established, so it won't be changed to
America/Quito, even if Quito is now more populous than Guayaquil.

So no, there is no chance of having Quito added.

Seo Sanghyeon

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