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Steffen Nurpmeso steffen at sdaoden.eu
Mon Sep 19 22:29:02 UTC 2022

Paul Eggert wrote in
 <eb3720c9-0e13-2233-9127-b236b5fdc441 at cs.ucla.edu>:
 |On 9/19/22 07:21, Steffen Nurpmeso via tz wrote:
 |> I strongly recommend to document that option as well as making
 |> !zone1970 the default,_or_  being more verbose and show both
 |> saying something along the lines "shares timezone information
 |> with" or what.
 |Currently by default, a tzselect user who chooses Vietnam is given two 
 |choices, and can pick either zone appropriate for Vietnam since 1970. 

I see.  Indochina is a word i would be careful with myself, but
i am sure they all know.

 |Unfortunately tzselect will have glitches if an installer uses 
 |non-default installation options such as PACKRATDATA but fixing that 
 |would take more work than I expect any of us can spare.
 |I haven't documented tzselect's -t option, since it can be glitchy. But 
 |if it's documented as being glitchy/experimental/whatever I suppose that 
 |would be OK. Any such documentation should be in both the man page and 
 |the --help output.

I could give this a try.

 |I suspect that the complexity of making tzselect be more verbose (to let 
 |users choose -t interactively?) would cost users more than it would 
 |benefit; after all, tzselect is already pretty complicated (which is my 
 |fault of course). But perhaps I'm wrong and someone could implement 
 |something nicely.

I always learn, and i like learning; if i read

  <"$f" || {

i would never have tried on my own, maybe "<X :", but not without.
And the main loop has a tremendous compound-list-1, and a very
short compount-list-2.
So hard to believe an outsider without real insight can make an
acceptable improvement here without hm work.  I think the change
likely should be as local as possible, maybe around "Get list of
timezones in the country."


So i tried and have a hacky thing that shows what i mean "a little
bit"; if we try Asia->Laos with -t zone and without, it shows "the
other zonetype" context.  But it surely can be improved.

Regarding data cuts: isn't it enough to document it as it is done
in the patch 0002?  Otherwise more context data would have to be
placed all around, so that the shell script could say something
along the lines "warning, pre-1970 clock times mismatch chosen TZ
identifier", that is, when i choose Asia/Vientiane via -t zone (as
with the 1970-01-01 cut-off those times are _indeed_

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