[tz] Introduce Etc/UTC+x timezones?

Paul Gilmartin PaulGBoulder at AIM.com
Fri Apr 21 19:45:02 UTC 2023

On 4/21/23 13:12:21, Derick Rethans via tz wrote:
> In PHP we actively discourage people using these Etc/GMT zones, as they're not actually zones, but fixed offsets . They're often just temporary place holders for the offset at some time during the year. And we're of the opinion that they shouldn't be used in user facing interfaces at all.
Be practical.  Suppose I and colleagues in Canberra want to arrange a series
of E-conferences at mutually convenient tines. How should I describe my
     40°00′54″N 105°16′14″W?
     ... ?

what tools should I assume they have?


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