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Rodrigo Reyes rodrigo.reyes at amdocs.com
Wed Aug 23 19:30:28 UTC 2023

Hello Paul,

Thks for your answer, so last TZDB version "Release 2023c" includes apply Chile DST on 1st September weekend at 2023?

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On 8/22/23 17:04, Rodrigo Reyes via tz wrote:
> Do you know what's the way to obtain a confirmation?, and if we have a confirmation about to use the "official date" do you have some SLA to provide a new TZDB to apply this change?.

As far as I know the current TZDB release matches what Chilean authorities plan for Chile next month. If their plans had changed, I expect someone would have notified us by now. And I doubt whether they will change plans between now and then.

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