[tz] In the news: Russia wants to put illegally occupied regions to Moscow Time

Steffen Nurpmeso steffen at sdaoden.eu
Fri Jan 27 22:16:31 UTC 2023

Derick Rethans wrote in
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 |saw this in the news: 

By the way we just had Lenin's 99th death annual, wasn't it the
day the tank deliveries were approved, what a nice coincidence.
He was it who donated all the country that this is about.
It seems hundred years of taxes for large regions you do not give
away easily.  Land is it, often!
I write this because i do not like the word illegal, law of
nations should always hear the people who live on the land for
long (ever).  If it were about responsibility, people should be
allowed to vote.  But this was never about the people, let alone
there.  (It was maybe about an appearance at the Münchner
Sicherheitskonferenz in 2007, which strives me likely.)
And _i_, to end this before i get black/yellow/red listed again,
do not understand why even France and Germany would allow people
to vote (Elsaß to France, Saarland to Germany) even after World
War II, others do not.  No.

Sorry for the noise.

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