[tz] Error in Scandinavian tz data

Stephen Colebourne scolebourne at joda.org
Wed Jun 28 08:17:44 UTC 2023

On Wed, 28 Jun 2023 at 01:26, Paul Eggert <eggert at cs.ucla.edu> wrote:
> Then I must not be understanding "the default IANA build should say
> nothing about dates before 1970-01-01", a proposal that you said was
> acceptable.

Re-reading the thread, I see where your confusion comes from. What I
was agreeing with was the concept of removing attempts to be accurate
pre-1970. I then pointed out why being completely inaccurate (all UTC)
is not viable as the default.

My proposal was:

> The simplest approach would be to determine a rule, eg.
>  - take the standard offset that applied on most days (modal average) for the 5 years from 1970 to 1975 - and use that pre-1970.
> - or, take the LMT of the city and round to the nearest hour
> So long as the answer is reasonable for most cases, it would be fine.

ie. I believe that if tzdb provided a fixed offset pre-1970, but one
linked to LMT or common practice in that location, it would be a
suitable approach for most packagers. I reckon to the nearest hour
would be sufficient.


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