[tz] Tzdb build issue

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Tue May 30 22:18:52 UTC 2023

On 5/30/23 00:57, Naveen kumar via tz wrote:
> I am facing this issue while compiling the tzdata latest version
> tzdb-2023c.I attached the log for your reference.

Thanks for reporting the problem.

What compiler and compiler version are you using? For example, if you're 
using GCC, what is the output of the 'gcc --version' command?

What options are you giving the compiler?

Is the problem new to tzdb-2023c, or do you see it with earlier versions 
of tzdb?

Does the problem go away if you compile with the -DPORT_TO_C89 compiler 
option? E.g.,


The PORT_TO_C89 flag is documented in the Makefile.

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