[tz] Hard copy of TZdata2023?

natyaveda natyaveda at protonmail.com
Sun Oct 15 00:28:24 UTC 2023

Hey, are you aware of any printable or hard copy (paper) publications of your Time-Zone database in a complete or semi-complete form?

Perhaps this has been produced by someone in the astrology community?

I'm basically looking to see if its possible to get the rights to include parts of such a publication in a publication of my own. I doubt one exists that includes all the info for every city in the world in a single publication, but I'm looking to see if it does and how large it might be.

What I have in mind is something that lists information pretty much exactly as its presented in the tables for the "Detailed time zone and clock changes" available on timeanddate.com (minus everything outside the tables):


Thanks for any info you can provide!

-James Foyle
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