[tz] Hard copy of TZdata2023?

Alexandre Petrescu alexandre.petrescu at gmail.com
Fri Oct 20 21:04:02 UTC 2023

Le 20/10/2023 à 22:40, Doug Ewell a écrit :
> Alexandre Petrescu wrote:
>> Should be used when Internet is not available.
> I would guess that very few systems depend on Internet connectivity to access the current tz database. Storing it locally seems much more sensible.

Sure.  It should come from the Internet and stored locally.

One would like to store it locally once one sees an email declaration 
from a gov't on this list, and not necessarily fast continuous updates.

But in that, one assumes Internet access is readily available when one 
needs it.  This might not be the case.  One might need to know now the 
date of some place, without having Internet access. Additionally, one 
might not have a usable computer to store that data to.   So all one 
could do is to rely on printed tables of most recent timezone data that 
was available when Internet was last available.


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