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Dear Delgermaa,

Specifically when it come to Mongolia, in addition to what have been
mentioned by others about start time of DST, can you help confirm status of
standard time that have been used across the country now and in the past?
Since DST would have to depend on correct standard time information, and
despite crrently tz database have tried to use different information
sources to figure out what time have been used by different parts of
Mongolia, some of the information are in conflicts.

Is it correct that currently western part of Mongolia use UTC+7 while rest
of the country use UTC+8? And is it correct that Eastern part of the
country used UTC+9 in the past but switched to UTC+8 sometimes before year
2008? If this is the case do you know when this happened? Also do you know
what's the background of some information from year 2005 claiming that
Sükhbaatar Aimag used UTC+8.5 that year? And is there anywhere official
where these information can be sourced?

Best Regards,

On 2023-09-01 Fri 00:14 UTC, delgermaa.g via tz <tz at iana.org>  wrote:

> Dear sir, madam
> I am contacting from Ministry of digital development and communications
> from Mongolia. First let me introduce myself, My name is Delgermaa. I am
> officer at Ministry of digital development and communications in Mongolia.
> Our country is studying of switching to regular summer time starting from
> 2024. In this regard, how many months in advance should your organization
> be notified of the time zone change?
> I hope you will soon reply
> Thank you for your cooperation
> Хүндэтгэсэн,
> Г.Дэлгэрмаа
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> мэргэжилтэн
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> www.mddc.gov.mn
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