[tz] Turkey name change

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Wed Sep 6 21:03:06 UTC 2023

On 2023-09-06 09:55, Matt Johnson-Pint via tz wrote:
> Unlike CLDR, IANA tzdata doesn't capture such names - other in comments.

Yes, TZDB is not a user-facing database so any Turkish guidelines about 
text seen by business customers should be a matter for CLDR or 
equivalent, not for TZDB. As far as I know, all Apple OSes use CLDR, so 
if CLDR says "Türkiye" Apple should be OK.

> The tzdata name for Türkiye's time zone was and continues to be 
> Asia/Istanbul.

The zone is Europe/Istanbul; Asia/Istanbul is a link.

Letu may be referring to the line "Link Europe/Istanbul Turkey" in the 
'backward' file. Changing that line would disrupt the rare old-fashioned 
users who who have used TZ='Turkey' for decades. Adding another 
backward-compatibility line "Link Europe/Istanbul Türkiye" would fail to 
follow TZDB's naming conventions requiring ASCII for link names; also 
there's no need for such a line as old-fashioned users did not use 
TZ='Türkiye' and (as you suggested) modern users should be using 
TZ='Europe/Istanbul' anyway.

Or perhaps Letu is referring to the line "TR Turkey" in the iso3166.tab 
file. Although iso3166 already has a comment about this sort of thing, 
the comment could be more explicit. Proposed patch attached and 
installed into the TZDB development repository (comments welcome as usual).

It's also possible that Letu is referring to some other instance of 
"Turkey" somewhere in TZDB. If so, it'd be helpful to know exactly 
where, by sending us a draft patch.
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