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On 2023-09-19 02:00, fr via tz wrote:
> As we sent an inquiry regarding the switching time to the regular summer time 
> matter earlier, could you please provide us some recommendations on below.
> The Government of Mongolia is planning to switch to the regular summer time from 
> 22-26 March, 2024. Currently, the discussions are made within the Government as 
> well as at the Parliament. We expect that final decision will be made in the 
> October. Therefore, is it possible to arrange the switching process in the next 
> 5 months? Is there any extraordinary cases like us or not? Or shall we make our 
> changes in the September 2024?
> Thank you for your kind consideration in advance and hope to hear from you soon.

Dear Ms.Ariuntuul,

Major systems and software organizations and projects have posted that it can 
take many months to produce properly tested official updates to time zone and 
summer time data, so more advance notice in official publications is better.

Late changes have resulted in business, economic, and travel disruption costing 
many millions for many governments and businesses, as well as reputational harm 
from effects, and resultant future impacts.

It would probably be fair to say that, as governments have to provide adequate 
advance notice, to international organizations such as IATA, of dates and times 
of changes to time zones and variations such as summer time, also informing this 
list at the same time should be adequate notice for changes, although for this 
list, the longer in advance the notice the better.

This list also likes to be able to refer (users) to web links for government 
documents published on official sites (e.g. ...gov.mn) offering the 
(auto-translatable) digital texts of the relevant decrees, laws, orders, 
ordinances, regulations, etc. as modified and enacted into law.

For example, the last major US change on 2007-03-11 was signed into law on 
2005-08-08, passed by House and Senate in the previous month, the bill debated 
for months before that, and discussed for months before submission as a bill.

The primary official maintainer responded and referred G.Delgermaa to the 


and background ICANN blog referenced in that page:


The history of the data is available summarized online in commoents in the 
development repository under:

	# Mongolia

any corrections to current or historical practices and details are gratefully 
received at any time, as requested of G.Delgermaa by another contributor last month:


Assistance from a local software developer familiar with both languages may be 
able to help you better understand the requirements and reasons for them.

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis              Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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