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Ram Mohan rmohan at afilias.info
Mon Oct 5 20:44:13 UTC 2015

I made extensive edits on top of Mark’s changes.

I’m cc’ing the full UASG distro, it’s useful to get more eyes on this.



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My edits and comments are in the document.  I’m not seeing my own
redlining, so hopefully y’all will be able to see what I changed.

I do think it’s clear enough right now [as edited by me ;-) ].


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The above link refers.

We have been working to get this document ready for some weeks now.  We
took the original text that was used during the ICANN meeting in Toronto
and have been massaging it.

There’s still no clarity and precious little time left to a) format it and
b) print it.   But, I think it may still be possible.

Your prompt review and, if necessary, revision would be very welcome.

Once this is done, then we can also work to get it prepared for the IGF -
including getting some translation done.

Thanks so much.


PS: This distribution list includes those who have contributed comments as
well as those who volunteered to review UASG documentation.
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