[UA-discuss] Use Cases for UA Readiness Evaluation

Don Hollander don.hollander at icann.org
Wed Oct 7 06:55:00 UTC 2015

Dear all (but especially those proud to be called Geeks!)

I’d like to create a management list of use cases that people can use to test their systems.

I’ve created a Google Docs instance here - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1i2pI3byK5XXvFVeelWJGHsrjeNU4QLe7q_wXsXWtuwg/edit?usp=sharing

I’ve provided edit access to anyone who has the link.

I would welcome your thoughts on whether this is sufficient, whether it needs more detail or less detail – and if it needs more, please provide suggestions.

For example, in the document we reference TLD – but should be reference LOOOONG TLD?  Should we reference 5 character TLDs (since we know of instances where these don’t work).  She would reference very new TLDs?

Your thoughts, please by the end of the day 15th of October. 

Thank you.


PS: Original text copied below for convenience


Universal Acceptance

Use Cases for UA Readiness Evaluation


Purpose: To provide Use Cases for developers to use when evaluating the UA Readiness of their systems.   This list will provide generic examples as well as specific names that can be used for testing.


Background:   Background on Universal Acceptance to go here



Domain Names:  Examples

·      secondlevel.toplevel

·      域名.toplevel

·      secondlevel.域名

·      域名.域名

·      secondlevel.punycode

·      punycode.toplevel

·      punycode.punycode

·      Second. חלק עליון(Right-to-left TLD)

·      שני. חלק עליון (Right-to-left second level and top-level)


Path Cases (IRIs)

·      secondlevel.toplevel/unicode

·      域名.toplevel/unicode

·      secondlevel.域名/unicode

·      域名.域名/Unicode

·      secondlevel.punycode/unicode

·      punycode.toplevel/unicode

·      punycode.punycode/unicode

·      Second. חלק עליון/Unicode (Right-to-left TLD)

·      שני. חלק עליון /Unicode (Right-to-left second level and top-level)



E-mail Addresses:

•      localpart at domain.tld

•      localpart@域名.tld

•      localpart @domain.域名

•      localpart@域名.域名

•      localpart at domain.punycodelocalpart at punycode.tldlocalpart at punycode.punycode

•      域名@域名.域名

•      שני. חלק עליון@localpart




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