[UA-discuss] Universal Acceptance Program for Dublin ... and other news

Elaine Pruis elaine at donuts.email
Sun Oct 11 15:26:40 UTC 2015

This is very encouraging thanks for the update!

On Thursday, October 8, 2015, Don Hollander <don.hollander at icann.org> wrote:

> Please find attached the Universal Acceptance Program for Dublin.
> You’ll see the rooms as well as the remote participation link for the
> Sunday.  (Monday’s is still be set up)
> The schedule and structure are set, some of the participants may change.
> Please note that the Sunday Workshop is intended as a workshop and will
> have few standard presentations.   (Ashwin and Avri are the noted
> exceptions)
> I am particularly keen to build a broad discussion on what’s happening
> around the world on the session that starts at 9:30, so I would welcome
> active participation in this space.
> Please also note that Lunch will be provided on Sunday.
> IF you have any questions or comments, please do let me know.
> Many thanks for those who have volunteered to be active participants.
> I’m looking forward to seeing many of you in just over a week’s time.
> Don Hollander
> PS:  There are other things happening within the UASG of note:
>    1. Brent London is expanding his circle of EAI participants.  If
>    you’re involved in an EAI project and aren’t part of Brent’s Circle of
>    Friends, then please get in touch with him directly.
>    2. Mark Svancarek has release version 3 of his Introduction to UA.
>    http://1drv.ms/1G0AB1g
>    3. We’ve got a paper on Use Cases out for comment.  Once we get
>    agreement on this, we’ll secure some relevant domain names.
>    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1i2pI3byK5XXvFVeelWJGHsrjeNU4QLe7q_wXsXWtuwg/edit
>    4. I’m working on learning the RFP process using a Pilot Website
>    evaluation project as my guinea pig.
>    5. We’ve developed a note to the GAC to introduce them to the concept
>    6. We’re just about (I hope) finished with a UA Fact Sheet that we’ll
>    use at the IGF next month
>    7. We’ve started talking about “Linkification" and Mark Svancarek has
>    started some documentation around this.  We’ll spend some time on this at
>    the Sunday workshop in Dublin.
>    8. And we know that several very large organisations outside of the
>    ICANN community have started looking at UA issues.


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