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I made a few suggestions. Being assertive is in our interest overall and instills confidence in the topic IMHO.

I wonder if we should also try and template a vendor > customer letter? I expect that we'll be in a position (as will others) to use our relationships to support directly and being on the same page seems important for this.



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Please find below a link to a Google Docs page with text to use when reaching out to Website Administrators to let them know that their site doesn't accept perfectly valid e-mail addresses for registration.


Many, many thanks to the good folks at Donuts who have allowed the use of their text - in English and Russian.

For those able, you'll see that there's space allocated for other languages.  Feel free to fill these in if you feel competent.   (If your preferred language is not included, just add it.)

The text is short, simple, and to the point.

IF you have suggestions for changing the English (or the Russian) please let us know.

I would like to get this available for wider distribution by the 19th of October - 1 Week from today, and just after the UASG Sunday Workshop.

With kind regards and best wishes for safe travels (for those travelling)...

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