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Chris, this makes sense to me.


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Thanks for your feedback on this!  I want to just clarify a bit and add context to what I intended when crafting this.

The text was deliberately limited in scope and designed specifically to be read and understood by 1st tier support. It is only used for addressing the failure of signing up for accounts or otherwise accepting an email address using a new TLD.

It was also specifically created to be very short to ensure it is read at a glance and gets addressed. Long text is easy to pass by and just read later. We want the recipient to generally understand the issue and be sure it is sent to the appropriate developer / product manager.  We include the link to

To be clear, it is not designed to be technically correct, contain industry jargon, broadly applicable and especially not evangelical.
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> IF you have suggestions for changing the English (or the Russian)
> please let us know.

On this list or in Google Docs? In doubt, I send my comments here:

* "web address extensions" A double NO here. First, domain names are
not for only for the Web (it is specially funny here, since it refers
to domain names used in email addresses) and second, .pizza or .fr are
TLD, not extensions (unless you work for Bluecoat, which mixes TLD and

* the problem with forms rejecting domains do not come only from new
TLD but also from stupid rules such as "three - sometimes two - labels
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