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Proposed grammatical changes (* symbol indicates grammatical error) and information additions (# symbol indicates information addition) to Statement for the record are written in to the rewritten statement below:

Requesting Statement to be read as:

"At ICANN52 in Singapore,* a bottom-up, grassroots initiative began around Universal Acceptance, asking* to be recognized by the ICANN community as the UASG, or the* Universal Acceptance Steering Group - focusing*  on global outreach on the acceptance of all TLDs. We (# include specific people or one person at least who requested this) asked the Board of Directors to support our efforts with staff resources. After the Singapore meeting, *UA was formalized by drafting a charter, *thereafter receiving the staff support we requested to get the effort underway. At ICANN53 in Buenos Aires, *UA held *its inaugural all-day workshop, detailing to the community our methodologies and proposed goals (*delete rest of sentence).  *Last month, ICANN approved *UA's detailed budget request designed to support our work (*delete rest of sentence).  Now, after a second successful workshop with the community this past Sunday, we have a set of concrete action items
 with owners and deliverable dates (*delete rest of sentence) *which is a great example of an effort that is truly bottom-up.  *The impact of our community-driven mission should be felt for generations.  *The UASG would like to take this moment to offer our appreciation and thanks for the continued support of the Board.
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