[UA-discuss] Agenda for Call 23:00 UTC 28 Oct 2015

Yuriy Kargapolov yvk at uanic.info
Wed Oct 28 13:57:34 UTC 2015

Dear ALL,

Allow me some remarks about "Spending" item.
Domain getready.ua can be registered only if you have TM "getready" in Ukraine.
If this issue is principal I as resident of Ukraine can try to solve special one problem without of problem, sorry for pun.
Price of registration of TM "getready" for UA resident - about $400, duration of registration - 2,5 month 
Price of domain name registration - $40/1 year or $40*N years
After all operations will be done  I'm will be ready to transfer all rights to Chairman or ... or confirm to commit to fair and honest respect for the rights of the TM for the sake of the interests of the Community (my reputation is more expensive than the money) :)

Yuri Kargapolov

Wednesday, October 28, 2015, 8:23:11 AM, you wrote:

> Dear All:

> There is a call of the UA Coordination Group @ 23:00 UTC 28 October 2015.

> The UA Coordination Group is the Chair, vice-chair & Project
> Coordinators and focuses on Administrative tasks.

> However, everyone is welcome to tune in.

> Attached please find:

> 1) Agenda for the call
> 2) Raw list of tasks from the Sunday Workshop

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