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Do we have a digest / faq that does list the most recent references that are official published? I’d be particularly interest in what we’re doing relative to the BiDi languages and, as this article briefly mentions, the very few characters that may* be visual identical in a font.

*Yes, no two glyphs at differing Unicode code points should be identical looking but ….

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That is fairly old info - looks like the most recent update was a couple years ago.

ICANN SSAC-70 is far more recent and describes current Firefox behaviour and the background better.

There is widespread misunderstanding (and subsequent misplaced alacrity) about IDN behaviour and it gets mixed up with the Public Suffix List.

Could you email me subscription info on joining the list that discussion is from off-list.

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> Hi,
> This just popped up on the RIPE DNS WG list. I thought it might be of interest.
> https://wiki.mozilla.org/IDN_Display_Algorithm
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