[UA-discuss] Basis for a UA Logging Project

Michael D. Palage michael at palage.com
Tue Aug 9 18:18:24 UTC 2016

Hello All,


I apologize for my silence as of late, but I wanted to provide the UA list a
basis for why I advocated in support of a UA Logging Project.  Over the last
15 years I have been working with UA issues in connection with various
registry clients. Over the last several months I have dealt with a number of
UA issues with a variety of companies, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Adobe, and
local ISPs.


While I believe many of these examples justify the potential development of
a UA Logging Project, I would like to share the details of a recent success
story to highlight my support for this initiative.  A registrant in a new
gTLD which had recently migrated from their .COM to their new TLD extension
was informed by one of their third party vendors that their extension was
not working with Adobe's Connect Event Manager.  This third party vendor on
behalf of the registrant contacted Adobe which generated a support ticket
and a bug tracking reference ID. The specific UA issue was associated with
the use of Commons Validator API 1.4.1.


After some period of time with no proposed resolution, I on behalf of the
Registry Operator reached out to J Scott Evans who is an Adobe employee
active in the ICANN community. J Scott was then able to track down an
appropriate person within Adobe to help expedite resolution of the problem.
Within days of getting to the right person, Adobe was able to resolve the
issue by incorporating Commons Validator API 1.5.1 into the next release of
the Adobe software scheduled for later this month.


Now in dealing with Adobe and other software/service companies there are
common practices that most follow in documenting UA issues, i.e. detailed
instructions on what the user was doing when encountering the UA issue;
screen shots of the error; OS/hardware; etc. I have found that the more
detail you provide these companies the quicker they are about to
troubleshoot and resolve the issue. By having a UA logging system it would
allow  UA WG or ICANN the ability to contact appropriate individuals in each
company more quickly. I do NOT propose to make this contact information
publicly available in any UA Logging system unless the person consents.


I think by identifying the Commons Validator issue it could provide a means
to alert other software providers of this issue to proactive address it
before other new gTLD registrants experience this problem. 


Best regards,


Michael Palage  


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