[UA-discuss] Arabic script email being displayed as Chinese

Mark Svancarek marksv at microsoft.com
Mon Mar 7 16:12:19 UTC 2016

I think your interpretation is correct.

The resulting addresses were

Both the Chinese email address and the Arabic address were converted, both to Chinese.

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During the ICANN55 UA Sunday session, the use of EAI was demonstrated live. There was one or more instances where the Arabic email address was incorrectly being displayed as a string of Chinese characters.

Here is a possible explanation -

So lets take the Arabic email being used which was مارك@رسيل.السعودية

This email string in utf8 encoding is

d9 85 d8 a7 d8 b1 d9 83 40 d8 b1 d8 b3 d9 8a d9 84 2e d8 a7 d9 84 d8 b3 d8 b9 d9 88 d8 af d9 8a d8 a9

If this utf8 encoded email string is then incorrectly treated as GB18030 encoded we would get displayed 


During the live demo I did not have time to determine which Chinese characters were displayed. So, Mark, could you please check whether or not these are the Chinese characters that were displayed

André Schappo

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