[UA-discuss] UA-Coordination Meetings

Don Hollander don.hollander at icann.org
Tue Mar 22 03:20:03 UTC 2016

FYI:  There will be a UA Coordination Group call Friday/Saturday.  It is to cover some administrative actions.

I expect to have a UA Discuss call in early April.   Please let me know if there are any topics that you'd like included.


UA Coordination Group
March 2016


MobileUSA       tel://1-719-325-2630,*,,7375086559#<tel://1-719-325-2630,*,,7375086559>
MobileNZ:       tel://0800-459-127,*,,7375086559#
MobileHK        tel://800-968-082,*,,7375086559#
MobileUK        tel://0800-368-0950,*,,7375086559#

Phone Only Controls :   https://go.conferencinghub.com/1n1zr

Other numbers available by request.

March 2016


2.Review of January Meeting Notes

3.Actions from January Meeting
        *Review the Charter - Don & Ram - DONE
*Organise Logistics for Marakech - Don - DONE
*Make Adjustments to Quick Guides - Mark, Luisa, Dennis - DONE
*Review Documents for consistency of language - Mark, Gwen - DONE
*Compile, format, print and publish Quick Guides - Don- DONE
*Produce Projections for EoY - Don - DONE
*Produce Help Wanted Documents for PR/Comms - Gwen, Christian - DONE
*White Paper - Don, Ram - DONE
*Review EAI Skills from Microsoft to attend ECO's April Event - Mark, Lars - DONE
*Publish Expected Standards of Behaviour - Don - DONE

4.Approval of new Charter
5.Changing Coordination Group
        *Remove: Top-level, International, Measurement & Monitoring.
*Add: EAI
*Keep Community Outreach

6.Unbudgeted Projects

7.Help Wanted Project Evaluations       *Translation
*Programming Language Review
*UA Use Case Platforms
*Popular Browsers

8.Financial Delegation
9.UA Announce List      During discussions at the ICANN meeting in Marrakech, a number of people expressed interest in subscribing to a UASG announcement list. They had been 'turned-off' by some of the actors on the list, but still wanted to be aware of major activities.

Proposal: To create a UA Announce mailing list that will include information leading up to a meeting, results of meetings, and other published information of note.
10.UA @ GDD Summit
11.UA @ ICANN56
12.UA at Nerdear.la<mailto:UA at Nerdear.la>
13.Registry of Interests

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