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Jiankang Yao yaojk at cnnic.cn
Tue Mar 29 08:19:28 UTC 2016

I share some discussions in IETF EAI WG about downgrading.
This WG did not design the downgrading mechanism based on the assumption that if most email service providers support EAI, EAI downgrade is not necessary.
So my suggestion is that call more email service providers to upgrade their service to support EAI and announce it to support EAI almost together.
if google, microsoft, yahoo, qq.com, 163.com and more support EAI almost together, the downgrade will not become a problem.

let UASG call all email service providers to form a group and announce it to support EAI on some day together?

Jiankang Yao

From: Edmon Chung
Date: 2016-03-29 13:51
To: 'Don Hollander'; 'Andre Schappo'
CC: UA-discuss
Subject: Re: [UA-discuss] ICANN EAI infrastructure
jumping on this discussion to rekindle an earlier thread with Brent and others about the implementation challenge for EAI, especially with the lack of "downgrading" and some "backwards compatibility".

At the meeting in Marrakech, we explored this a bit further and thought maybe some sort of service discovery mechanism to retrieve an alternate address be developed for situations such as mailing lists or forwarded/replied/cc-ed emails especially where additional emails were added to a thread who are not EAI ready.

I wonder if anyone on the list is interested to further look into the issue and propose such mechanism(s)... or at least produce some document for what to do in such cases, which could help in the EAI implementation...


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> Andre,
> We know that EAI fails with ICANN - and I suspect many many other organisations.
> The good news is that they are working on it - basically waiting for their supplier (I
> think).
> D
> > On 26/03/2016, at 4:48 AM, Andre Schappo <A.Schappo at lboro.ac.uk> wrote:
> >
> >
> > Thanks to Raed I now have a cool new arabic script email address.
> >
> > Works fine with gmail
> >
> > So what of ICANN's mail system.
> >
> > I sent a test email to ua-international using my arabic email address and
> subsequently received the error message
> >
> > ➤ SMTPUTF8 is required, but was not offered by host
> pechora5.icann.org[]
> >
> > So, #fail for ICANN wrt EAI
> >
> > André Schappo
> >
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