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> Subject:        [DENICpublic-l] Thunderbird 45 Now Also IDNA-Compatible
> Due To
> DENIC Source Code Donation
> Date:   Wed, 27 Apr 2016 09:25:49 +0200
> From:   DENIC Presse <presse at denic.de>
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> Dear Sir or Madam,
> DENIC has contributed part of the code for the new version 45 of the
> free e-mail client Mozilla Thunderbird
> (https://www.mozilla.org/en-GB/thunderbird/), which was launched in
> mid-April 2016: Thanks to this donation to the open-source community,
> Thunderbird now for the first time supports, besides numerous other
> novel functions, certain special characters (Internationalized Domain
> Names, IDNs) such as the German letter "Eszett" (ß) in e-mail addresses.
> Up to now, if the domain part of an e-mail address (i.e. the part after
> the [at] sign) contained the letter "ß", this letter has been converted
> automatically to the character string "ss", despite mail programs having
> been able to handle this special character since August 2010 in theory.
> At that time, the Internet Standard for Internationalized Domain Names
> in Applications (IDNA2008) had been adapted correspondingly by the
> Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).
> DENIC, too, had included the "Eszett" more than five years ago in the
> set of characters permitted for .de domains already. However, to date
> the practicality of this had been limited due to the lack of support by
> web browsers and e-mail applications.
> The DENIC-coded novelty in Thunderbird 45 is also of benefit to the
> users of other language families which are not based on Latin
> characters: In fact it paved the way for the entire range of characters
> under IDNA2008 to be fully available in Thunderbird starting as of now.
> Additionally, various characters from Greek, Farsi and Sinhala, for
> which re-routing has taken place so far, are now able to be resolved as
> characters in domains in their own right.
> Overall, the IDNA2008 standard, which is based on the Unicode character
> set, allows the coding of thousands of new characters from various
> script systems. As a result, tens of thousands of characters from a
> multitude of different script systems may be used actively in Internet
> browsers and e-mail applications, provided that the required client
> support is available. On DENIC’s website, we provide a list of
> programs that are currently IDNA-capable
> (https://www.denic.de/en/know-how/idn-domains/idn-capable-software/).
> */Donated IDNA Source Code Earlier Implemented in Firefox 45 Already/*
> Already since the start of March, the latest version of the Mozilla
> browser Firefox (Firefox 45) has been using the IDNA source code donated
> by DENIC
> (
> https://www.denic.de/en/whats-new/news/article/denic-contributes-source-code-for-the-use-of-the-german-letter-eszett-ss-in-firefox-45/
> )
> and thus enables Internet users to access domains that contain certain
> special characters such as the German letter "Eszett" (ß). For the time
> being, the new code cannot yet be used in the Firefox application for
> Android. This is due to the particularities of the Google platform.
> A very prompt reaction to the launch of the IDNA standard came at that
> time from the developers of the Libidn2 library, which serves to code
> and decode internationalized domain names: They implemented the revised
> algorithm of the IDNA standard on the basis of a corresponding source
> code donation by DENIC as early as in 2011.
> Kind regards
> Stefanie Welters
> Public Relations
> --
> DENIC eG, Kaiserstraße 75 - 77, 60329 Frankfurt am Main, GERMANY
> E-Mail: presse at denic.de, Fon: +49 69 27235-274, Fax: -235
> https://www.denic.de <https://www.denic.de/>
> Angaben nach § 25a Absatz 1 GenG:
> DENIC eG (Sitz: Frankfurt am Main)
> Vorstand: Helga Krüger, Andreas Musielak, Carsten Schiefner, Dr. Jörg
> Schweiger
> Vorsitzender des Aufsichtsrats: Thomas Keller
> Eingetragen unter Nr. 770 im Genossenschaftsregister, Amtsgericht
> Frankfurt am Main


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