[UA-discuss] webmaster engagement letter update ?

Ronald Geens ronald.geens at dnsbelgium.be
Fri May 6 11:38:55 UTC 2016


   today I wanted to send another complaint mail to a website that did not accept my private .vlaanderen address and I noticed that the template letter still contains a link to ua.thedna.org<http://ua.thedna.org> which seems to be down.
As not everybody would check if the link still exists before sending the letter I guess it is best to simply remove it from the letter template.

On a related note:  Are there any plan for having another easy to link/read webpage (in stead of a document/quick guide) on where to point webmasters for supporting standard e-mail addresses ?
The alternative ICANN link is not very friendly looking (and looks dated due to the year 2012 mentioned there)

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