[UA-discuss] A Brief Report on UASG Activities

Don Hollander don.hollander at icann.org
Mon Apr 10 13:22:48 UTC 2017

In preparation for this week’s UASG Face-to-Face meeting.




A Brief Report on UASG Activities

By Don Hollander



1.       Administrative Processes: ICANN’s administrative processes are thorough and detailed.  They also require someone within ICANN administrative environment to monitor and manage the paperwork.  

2.       Automated Evaluation Tool: Zensar advised complete.  ICANN IT to provide hosting and evaluation.  Waiting: ICANN IT.

3.       Case Studies: See report from Communications Subgroup

4.       Comms Editorial: See report from Communications Subgroup on UA101 distribution

5.       Comms Editorial: UA102 (EAI) pending Seattle meeting.

6.       Comms Generally:  See reports from Communications Subgroup

7.       Document Review: Other documents to be reviewed before end of financial year.

8.       Document Review: UASG007 – Document reviewed and minor corrections applied. 

9.       Document Review: UASG014 – Quick Guide to EAI has been published – To be reviewed during EAI gathering in Seattle

10.   Document: Introduction to EAI.  Still no contractor available.  Table of Contents to be developed during EAI Gathering in Seattle.

11.   Documents: Internet Industry Blueprint for CIOs.  Still waiting for document from I2 Coalition and Eco.

12.   Documents: White Paper – Published with Fanfare April 11!  NB: Financially significant costs involved in launch.

13.   Elections: Completed

14.   Event Participation: EurID has invited UASG to participate in an event in Bulgaria.

15.   Event Participation: Preliminary invitation to participate in Argentina SysArmy event again.  Tony not certain this will be material better than last year without more resources.   NB: We STILL haven’t paid last year’s sponsorship, but this is now in the ICANN systems.

16.   Event Participation: Tony Harris representing UASG in Argentina Event.

17.   Event Support:  The UASG sponsored the Night.Talk at WHD 2017.   Report from Christian pending, but reasonably positive initial reports.

18.   Financials: Forecast to again be markedly underspent.   Key issue is finding suppliers and then the administrative process.

19.   Local UA Initiatives.   Several initiatives raised informally, but no requests for funding received.  

20.   Outreach – New Zealand.  Letters written to CIOs in top 100 IT operations in New Zealand incorporating the Quick Guide to UASG.  Little response.

21.   Procurement: Michaela Quinzey has recently agreed to be our administrative shepherd through the ICANN procurement process.

22.   Project: Browser Review.  New vendor selected.  Pending approval by UASG Chairs

23.   Project: EAI Documents – Still seeking a vendor

24.   Project: EAI Evaluation Platform: Still no contractor choices

25.   Project: IDNA Review.  Two Internet Drafts have been published for discussion.   Basically, this would shift responsibility for the conflict of identifiers to the registry and would NOT require regular coordination between IETF and Unicode.  To be discussed in Seattle.

26.   Project: Linkification Review.  Vendor identified.  Waiting for agreement on Statement of Work.

27.   Project: Mitigation Model Review.  Final report from IDC expected April 11.   

28.   Project: Programming Evaluation Criteria: First version expected April 13.

29.   Project: Programming Language Evaluation.  Pending completion of Criteria April 13.

30.   Project: University Lectures.  Pending ICANN administrative processes.

31.   Project: Work with anti-abuse community to develop relevant education material.  With Christian.

32.   Research: IDNs and SEO.   Agreement in principle reached with TheDNA to perform this work.  Waiting on ICANN administration.

33.   UA Ambassadors:  No progress.


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